Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cop slams elderly woman with knife to ground

I just saw the video of an elderly black woman who had a knife in her hand, who was slammed to the ground by a white police officer, which busted the woman's head open. This seems to me to be excessive force but I'm not a cop so I don't know the procedure how to deal with situations like this. What do you all think? Excessive force by the cop? Was it the only way to get the knife from the elderly woman?

Video description: This old lady was in the parking lot of Walmart in Whitehall, Ohio swinging a knife at people, when the police arrived she wouldn't drop the knife so the police officer took her down, the lady also assulted a kid by hitting him which sparked the crowd of people outside anyway, he was with relatives who intervened and that's when the knife swinging started anyone that tried to help her she began to swing her knife at them threatening them. Man the 1st of the month make people crazy...

A news segment about the incident
(Skip to 0:35 seconds in for the video to start)


  1. Cops are such racist liars that I rarely watch the news anymore. A 10 year old kid could have subdued that lady a lot safer than that. Cops will not even think twice about killing or beating a Black person no matter what the situation. The clown that was filming that disgracful event had alot to say, why didn't you intervine. I am not a cop, I am a 51 year old Black Man and I am absolutly confident that I could and would have disarmed that lady myself without anyone being harmed. Wake up Black people we need to police ourselves sometimes.

  2. Wonder why nobody else on the scene did then. Maybe just maybe they don't want to.