Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cops kill man with 59 shots, 43 wounds

Ok here's a story that sounds so utterly shocking and makes me so pissed off and sick to my stomach. According to an article on AOL News, a man named Alonzo Heyward was carrying a rifle around his neighborhood last month ranting about suicide and six police officers surrounded him on his front porch and killed him. Here's some from the article (I'll say what I want to say after the quotes):

His father says Heyward told the officers, "I'm not out here to hurt anybody."

But the police, who tried unsuccessfully to disarm Heyward, fired 59 rounds to kill him on July 18. The medical examiner found 43 bullet wounds in his chest, face, arms, hands, legs, buttocks and groin. Police contend Heyward was a danger to others and threatened the six officers.


"We have a large concern about the amount of shots fired," said Valoria Armstrong, president of the NAACP branch in Chattanooga.


His father, James Marine, 61, does not believe Heyward really wanted to kill himself or that he was trying to commit "suicide by cop."

"He just needed somebody to talk to," Marine said. ... "I believe he was just depressed at that time."


Heyward, a 32-year-old moving company employee, was black. The six officers are white. They were temporarily placed on administrative leave but have since returned to work.

Police spokeswoman Weary said the officers confronted Heyward when they responded to a report of three men wrestling over a gun in the street just after 4 a.m.

Heyward's father said there was never any wrestling over the .44 Magnum rifle that his son was carrying and sometimes pointing at his chin.

Police said the officers tried but failed to disarm Heyward with a stun gun. Weary said Heyward ignored repeated commands to drop the rifle and officers fired when they felt threatened by the way he moved it.

Police accounts and a patrol car video indicate the shots were fired in three volleys, all within 30 seconds. Each officer used a .45-caliber pistol. Some officers emptied their magazines, reloaded and fired again, while others didn't fire all their bullets, Weary said.

Some of the gunshots ripped through the unoccupied front room of the house Heyward was renting from his employer, the owner of a local moving company. No one else was injured.


Amanda Counts, Heyward's girlfriend, and neighbor Darrell Turner said they witnessed the shooting. They said Heyward was lying on the porch on top of the rifle when officers opened fire.

"Before the first shot was fired he was down," Counts said. "Not one time did he threaten anyone."

Citing the ongoing investigation, police declined to answer questions about Heyward's position when officers started shooting.

Counts and Turner both said that during the first brief interruption in the barrage of police gunshots, they heard Heyward ask, "Why are you shooting me?"

That cannot be heard in the recording provided by police.

Police Chief Freeman Cooper this month told Chattanooga radio station WGOW the simultaneous shooting by all six officers shows they acted properly.

"We are saying that our people did what we trained them to do," the police chief said.


Heyward's father said he thinks a different police response could have brought the incident last month to a peaceful conclusion.

"I believe he would have put that weapon down," Marine said. "They should have said, 'Mr. Heyward, put the weapon down. We're here to help you.' ... He wasn't threatening no one."

Make sure to read the whole article. When I first read this article I could not believe what I just read. If that is not excessive force then I don't know what is.

So let's see if I got this right, Heyward had a rifle walking around his neighborhood, the police come and try to get the gun by using a stun gun on him. I guess that didn't work and the cops got scared because of the way he moved so the six police officers fired 59 total shots together with 43 hitting Heyward, and some officers emptied their magazines, reloaded and fired again.

The medical examiner found 43 bullet wounds in his chest, face, arms, hands, legs, buttocks and groin. So they basically shot to kill as he had bullet wounds in his face. I don't get why they wouldn't just shoot his leg or both legs and tackle him down. I also don't get the shooting in his groin and buttocks. Did the police think this was funny? And to shoot him in his buttocks, Heyward had to be turned around or on the ground face down as I'm assuming the police were in front of Heyward as he was on his porch.

What about the part where some officers emptied their magazines and reloaded and continued shooting! WTF! This reminds me of the Sean Bell incident when cops kept firing.

Heyward's girlfriend and neighbor says that Heyward was down on the porch on top of the rifle before the police started shooting. He was laying down before they opend fire! Again WTF! Am I wrong or is this just insane. The girlfriend and neighbor also said they heard Heyward say "Why are you shooting me?" But the police continued shooting until he was dead. The police chief says that the six officers acted properly. Wow, 59 shots at a guy who was laying down on his porch, and that is acting properly.

Let me know what you all think, but this story just pisses me off and scares me at the same time.


  1. I am in awe. I have to say the comments by the chief, "our people did what we trained them to do". Either what they train them to do is to be scared, pistol carrying nazis, or they train them to murder black people. I want to do something! I wouldn't know where to begin. This truly makes my heart ache. I offer all my empathy and wish for peace and resolve for his family. I think I need to cry now.

  2. What they trained them to do is kill! The poor man was clearly not threatening anyone! And beside that I know there is NO way that you can justify the amount of rounds shot. What person wouldn't die or at least go down after one, two, or three shots... but they HAD to shoot him 59 times!! Im sorry but thats seriously disturbing and WRONG!

  3. I don't know about anyone else reading this, but 59 shots seems a bit extreme.

  4. Every fire arm is discharged its investigated by another police department and also the government officals. I do not believe for one minute that guy was at no threat to the officers. Was the father there? Any parent will say things to protect the image of their children and so will a girlfriend. Cops risk their lives everyday for the sake of keeping the peace. they clean up after you suicides. after your shootings, Being a copt takes apart of you soul from you. I don't believe one word of this crap.

  5. Being a copt takes apart of you soul from you.

    Ya? You a cop? Sound like it you Hitler wannabe fuck.You even spell like one,Poorly....

    I wore a badge for 11 years and stopped because of internal B.S. you can't even fathom. I am now a convicted felon because I dared to speak up to the press. Cops do not risk their lives daily, they might get into 4-5 hairy incidents in their career and assume it was dangerous before telling their war stories.

    I never thought I would say this but,FUCK THE POLICE! AND THE HORSE THEY WERE FUCKING!

  6. Bias much? Uninformed much?

    First off, the guy who is standing up for the police is right. You're taking a mourning/angry parent's/girlfriend's word at value. That, my friends, is not worth the internet space it is typed in. So no, their testimony shouldn't be dismissed but definately held with skepticism.

    Secondly, do the math. You must be familiar with weapons, situational training and the fact there WAS a threat. Anyone displaying a weapon with intent to use it is a threat.

    Suspect: Carrying a .44 Mag rifle. More than likely a Winchester-Old West Type with a lever. That is a big bullet. Can be shot repeatedly. Goes through walls and cars. Whether he intended to shoot at police or not, he could have. He could've also had a richochet find a civilian in their home.

    Police: Carrying .45 cal police autos. More than likely Glocks. 10-13 rd capacity. 6 officers trained to empty the pistol if there is a threat. Why? Because they missed. 73% hit rate. Not all to vitals (where they are suppose to aim.) So, thats why so many rounds were fired. 6 cops. 10 round magazines. The threat had to be eliminated, not maimed. It is against the law to shoot to maim.

    Now, the places they actually shot. They are trained to shoot at the center of mass. That is the chest. Intended so because of the location of the heart, lungs, and the size of the target. I don't know how many of you go shooting, but a handgun isn't a sniper rifle. Recoil accounts for the head shots. Don't be ridiculous in claiming they shot him in the groin and buttocks as a joke. For any investigator the obvious explanation is that they simply "missed" where they were aiming. A shot to the groin or butt will not kill or disable (in terms of firing a weapon.) Yet another reason to fire so many times.

    What it comes down to is that none of us have probably seen the video tape from the cop's car. To truly get a grasp on what happened you need the evidence. Not some bias that jumps to racism at the drop of a hat.

    Believe information, not hatred. It won't get you too far.

  7. 59 bullets fired at any one human being is sick.

  8. As with all of these "the police shot X number of times" stories, the question is isn't why they fired bullets 2 through 59. The question is whether they were justified in firing bullet number 1 -- i.e. in killing someone. If they were, then they were justified in using whatever force necessary to accomplish that. If they were not, then the outrage is that they fired bullet number one.

  9. these retarded cops should get their balls cutoff...they just needed to empty their bullets and this poor guy was their prey...ruthless bastards

  10. this is sick, 6 white cops against one poor innocent black man. government needs too punish all those cops, 43 out of 59 shots hit him. after at least 3 shots the man would be down. sad, sad, sad. they need to get a life.

  11. just because the cops are white does not mean the man is innocent because he is black. What you said is Racist

  12. WTF....Sorry to say but to me they are the biggest gangs out there...For some odd reason alot of cops put on their uniform and they become god...But there is a lesson out there for everyone...what goes around comes around and if It dont come back to you it will fall on your children...OMG....COPS should really think about that one....

  13. whenever a black motherfucker is killed by some white cops you start yelling that it is racism. fuck it you filthy bitches, they were just doing their jobs. and by the way i would sure shoot to kill if i see a black guy carrying the gun cause they usually are the threat

  14. In my opinion, this was completely uncalled for and unnecessary. He had every right in the world to live the rest of his life however he wanted to. Police should be there to help the person out instead of 'taking' them out. I would definitely consider this a racist gesture towards the black personnel..

  15. If people weren't scared to empty 6 magazines into a cop we wouldn't have this problem. Wake up sheep. Start killing cops. Fire back. Put the fear into them that they try to put into us. It works both ways, just gotta wake up and stop being scared of control freaks with a $3 piece of tin pinned to their chest. It doesn't make them god. They are not the final authority. If there is the legitimate threat of any witnesses opening fire on them during one of their episodes of "justifiable use of deadly force" firing 355 rounds into some random jagoff they might think twice before going commando and actually consider using this thing that the rest of us are expected to understand and apply called discresion. There are a LOT more of us than there are cops. Remember that PIGS.