Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pennsylvania cops cover-up crimes

If you live in Shenandoah, PA be careful as the police there seem to do what they want and cover up their actions. The article Pennsylvania Cops Accused Of Hate Crime Cover-Up by Robert Smith talks about the cover-up of a fatal beating last year of a Mexican immigrant and the killing of one Hispanic resident's son.

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  1. damn, to bad we cant have cops like that here.. here in pasco Washington A.K.A northern Mexico, all we have are Illegals Latinos, Here if your ..and let me quote.."The American" you only get discrimination.. and here if the police need a little extra cash..or bump bump they simply shake down the nearest illegal and take their money or take that young senorita to the patrol car for a few min's..
    Fire all Local town Police.. they are all criminals.. then hire U.S. marshals to "police the towns.
    On a lighter note hey look some more "cops" got shot.. Oh no!..I cant wait for the revolution ..counting the days..then groups of real Americans will get to rid area of Illegals and dirty cops themself, and I cant wait to watch that show.