Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fellow cop gets beat down by cops after 911 call

Wow if you're a cop and you call the police for help you're still not safe from the cops beating you or using excessive force on you. Larry Jackson, a cop himself, apparently was outside trying to get a gunman away from his daughter's birthday party and his wife called the police for help. The police showed as the gunman left and started to beat on Jackson and then family members inside the home. All I can say is wtf.

Larry Jackson suffered a broken right hand and multiple bruises from kicks and billy-club blows he said he got from the men in blue called to his home when a gunman menaced guests at his daughter's birthday party.

"To get my butt beat like that was unnecessary," said the six-year veteran assigned to the 110th Precinct. "We called the police, and this is what happened to me."

"I'm shocked, angry and disappointed," said the 6-foot-3, 300-pound Jackson.


Jackson's wife, Charlene, made a 911 call around 1:15 a.m. Sunday as her unarmed husband faced down thugs armed with a gun and bats who showed up as partygoers started leaving his home in Rochdale.

"I told the 911 operator it's my daughter's 21st birthday and my husband is a police officer and there's a young man with a gun," she said.


The couple said cops hit at least six family members and friends with batons. Their stepson, a cousin and a nephew were charged with disorderly conduct. Larry Jackson's gun and badge were taken and he was placed on modified duty.

"What's most disturbing is there were supervisors on the scene who did nothing," said lawyer Sanders.


  1. The Dublin police Chief in PA lied under oath. He conspired along with Hilltown, Bedminster, Plumsteadville, and Abington police (all off duty and out of their jurisdiction). An ambulance took me from penridge regional territory, the police then drove my car to Dublin, said they pulled me over there, and stole my wedding ring and $3000 out of a safe in my trunk. I have the ambulance report and police report that each say different things. They are dirtier than most the criminals out there