Friday, September 10, 2010

Philly cop beats man on street

Here is another incident of police brutality just a few days ago, in Philadelphia, the 19th District. The video is below, but you can read what happened:

According to published reports, one day after a video surfaced of a police officer severely attacking a West Philadelphia man, many residents in the area are stating that the cop has been terrorizing the community for a while.


The disturbing video shows the stocky unidentified officer, who the locals have dubbed "Mickey Mouse", wailing on Askira Sabur after he refused to leave the restaurant due to waiting on his order.

After Sabur told the cop that he was waiting for food, he was instructed to go inside, local business owner Jamil Stroman told NBC.

According to witnesses, Sabur told the officer that it was too hot inside and that he had to tend to his bike.

The officer then asked Sabur for identification, and as he reached into his back pocket, the cop grabbed him from behind and the two fell to the ground.


The incident left Sabur was left with a fractured left arm, a gash at the back of his head and a sore back.

The video contains violent footage.

A video made after the incident that same night.

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