Friday, February 25, 2011

Teen surrenders but gets beat on by police

I just saw this on the Acting White blog, but there was an incident with police officers going too far beating on a suspect after he surrendered. The video is below of the incident but warning, it is graphic and disturbing.

Just in case you have not seen it, the Houston Police went all "Rodney" on a young black suspect nine months ago. The media and the public did not know what happened until a few days ago when a judge ordered the released of the tape of the 'stomping' incident.

Although the fifteen year-old (at the time) definitely was attempting to elude the officers, he also clearly surrendered, laying on his stomach with his hands behind his head, before anyone touched him


  1. Not everybody is fit to be a role model. Not everybody is worthy of respect. Not everybody is worthy of being a protector of the law. Not everybody is normal. Anarchy is the answer.