Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cop says he's "going to make stuff up" during arrest

A Seattle cop arrested two men back in November 2010 where he told the two suspects, "Yeah, I'm going to make stuff up." Also somehow key moments of the arrest are missing from the video captured by the dash cam in the officer's car. How convenient.

Two friends who had planned to visit a Seattle sports bar claim they ended up being kicked, arrested at gunpoint and held in jail for several hours by a cop who said he intended to "make stuff up."


But key moments of the arrest that should have been captured on video are missing and it was unclear whether the officer intentionally neglected to turn on the dash cam. None of the released footage shows the officer in the moments he made the stop or kicked Lawson.

The accusations against Richardson are among many that have put a spotlight on the Seattle Police Department and it comes after the release of a Department of Justice report in December that said "serious concerns about practices that could have a disparate impact on minority communities" were raised by its review.


The officer's uniform microphone also records Richardson telling the suspects, "Yeah, I'm going to make stuff up."

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