Friday, May 25, 2012

Unarmed man shot and killed by police

A Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man named Seth Adams, who was unarmed, and the story sounds like another police coverup in the works of the killing of an unarmed person.

LOXAHATCHEE GROVES, Fla. -- It was an emotional Sunday night in Loxahatchee Groves as crowds gathered at the scene where an unarmed man was shot and killed by a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw insisted on Friday that it was Seth Adams, 24, who attacked his deputy Michael Custer, forcing the deputy to fire shots.

At the vigil for Adams on Sunday, many who gathered disagreed with the account and said they cannot image a person like Adams threatening a deputy.

Family and friends said they are hoping the turnout of hundreds of people at the vigil sends a message about how many people care.

"A senseless tragedy like this cannot not only go unrecognized, but it's unjust. There has to be an answer for it," said Tim Bumgardner, a family pastor and friend.

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  1. Man its real in the field, and this is happening your town to my town, on the streets of America. What will it take for us to see that we need to protect our people from the hands of the wicked. We must love at all levels. The police must show love and have love for the people. The system must learn to respect and love all people regardless of color or race. If the people can not have faith in the system, then the system must be destroyed. May the ancestors of truth and love be with us all....