Monday, June 25, 2012

Police shoot man with baseball bat

All of the details of this story don't appear to be out yet but here's a strange one for you. I'm not sure how someone would be reaching for a baseball bat inside their pants.

A man is in the hospital in critical condition after a Miami-Dade police officer shot a man carrying a baseball bat in his belt.

The shooting happened on SW 72nd street west of an area known as Horse Country around 3:30 Monday morning, according to Miami-Dade police spokesperson Det. Aida Fina-Milian.

She said the officer, whose name has not been made public, has been a police officer for three years. He was on what she called a ‘routine patrol’ when the officer spotted the man walking on the sidewalk with a shiny object in his waistband.

Det. Fina-Milian said the officer stopped the man and ordered him to show his hands. The officer told investigators that the man tried to reach for the item in his pants, so the officer fired at the man, wounding him.

Det. Fina-Milian said the man survived the shot and was taken by paramedics to Kendall Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

Police have not released his name, or explained why the officer decided to stop the man as he was walking along the street.

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