Thursday, June 7, 2012

San Francisco police kill teen

Another sad story about cops killing a teen, this time in San Francisco.

A 15- year-old San Francisco boy has met the same fate as Oscar Grant, Rekia Boyd and countless other black citizens gunned down by police. Derrick Gaines was shot and killed Tuesday (June 5) by an officer after he and his friend were confronted at a local gas station for “acting suspicious.”

According to South San Francisco Police Capt. Mike Brosnan, the boy failed to cooperate with another officer's inquiries, and ran away. Brosnan said that Gaines also pulled out a gun. “In turn, our officer in the protection of his own life discharged his weapon,” he said.

The Gaines family denies that Derrick was violent. “This is a boy ... he didn't deserve to be killed. He didn't deserve to be killed,” said his stepfather Michael Red. They are seeking a full investigation into his death.

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