Friday, July 20, 2012

Police won't give info about incident where man was killed

A man was shot and killed by a Pennsylvania state trooper. The police have not released anymore information about the incident and the victim's mom wants to know why.

A man who grew up in Columbia and police said was shot on the Pennsylvania State Turnpike in March by a state trooper had no controlled substances in his system, according to the Fulton County coroner in Pennsylvania.

The coroner, Berley Souders, told Patch in an email that Daryl Jerome Berry, 45, of Cincinnati, who police said was shot three times on the turnpike March 6 by Pennsylvania State Trooper Marshall Kephart, had no illegal drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of his death.

"I knew that would be the case," said Joyce Hamilton Berry, Daryl Jerome Berry's mother and a Columbia psychologist. She has questioned the Pennsylvania State Police's version of events that occurred around 9 p.m on March 6 in Brush Creek Township, PA.

Police reported after the incident that Daryl Berry released his two Rottweilers on Trooper Kephart and then proceeded to attack the officer with a metal flashlight after the trooper responded to the scene of an accident involving Berry. During the attack, Kephart shot Berry three times, killing him, according to police.

Citing an ongoing investigation, police have declined to release 911 calls, police reports and witness statements related to the incident.

They have also said there is no video recordings of the incident available, as the trooper's dash cam didn't record the shooting.


"I would like to know if this is another instance of police misconduct or is it a violation of his civil rights, if not both," wrote Berry. "And finally, I would like to know if my son was another African American male driving a luxury car with dogs and therefore considered to be a drug dealer whose life was not as valuable as a dog’s life."

In a news report from the Fulton County News, it was reported that Boyd Kreider, 24, of Woodbury, PA was one of the drivers of a tractor-trailer that was involved in the accident that occurred before the shooting.

Kreider said in an interview with Patch that he saw some of the incident. Kreider said he and another truck driver were attempting to speak to Berry after the accident, but returned to their trucks after Berry tried to get them to leave by swinging his flashlight around.

When the officer arrived, Kreider said he was sitting in a truck about 150 feet away from where the incident occurred.

"It was dark," said Kreider, "I couldn’t see a whole lot. I didn't hear any gunshots."

He said the dogs were mixed up in the fight, but couldn’t tell if they were actually vicious. He said he was told by the police dispatcher who he was on the phone with during the fight that shots were fired.

“To my knowledge the [media] reports are accurate,” said Kreider. “The cop was just doing his job.”

But Joyce Hamilton Berry said she wonders why the police have not released more information to her if the police’s account of events is accurate.

“The fact they won’t release information tells me something is wrong,” she said.


  1. Take heart Mrs. Berry, the truth will always come out. The universe inturn will always respond and balance (punish)accordinly. We miss him.


  2. The State of Pennsylvania is standing in the way of justice for the sake of ignorant men with badges....Evidently leadership condones such mode of operation and their lack of action further breeds insanity amongst the peace officers...Whom son/dad/uncle/nephew is next?...My prayers are first and foremost with the Berry family, but also with those restless souls that will pay the ultimate price..DB was a gentleman in every regard...I really miss my buddy...His phone calls meant more to me than I really knew...RIP Peace, My Man!


  3. I miss my friend Daryl as well. We talked a few days prior to this incident. It's coming up on the anniversary of of his Murder and I am always checking for updates and justice. Since when does a gentleman with a flashlight get shot 3 times. And if the dogs were the threat why were no dogs shot. I knew my friend well. We were in college together and we spent many years in Cincinnati growing into great men. This is a true testimony that this can happen to anybody and that there are flaws in the system. (Whether its hatred, ignorance, lack of proper training of police officers..........whatver! Family and friends deserve answers and a man's life should not just be swept away in this fashion. The State of Pennsylvania has to be held accountable. (No Camera C'mon man)