Sunday, August 26, 2012

NYPD are ones that shot pedestrians at Empire State Building

Shooting outside of the Empire State Building
The shooting outside of the Empire State Building in NY this past week with a man killing another man and then there were nine pedestrians who got shot or were grazed by bullets.

Johnson, who witnesses said looked eerily calm, then walked east on 33rd Street and turned north onto the bustling Fifth Avenue — with two construction workers chasing after him, police said.

One of the hardhats flagged down officers Matthews and Sinishtaj, yelling, "This man just shot somebody around the block!" Browne said.

Johnson, who was carrying a black canvas tote-bag, pulled out his .45 as he spotted the cops — who were posted outside the Empire State Building.

The officers ordered him to "freeze" and drop his weapon, but Johnson raised his gun instead, according to Browne.

The cops opened fire — hitting Johnson with at least seven of their 17 shots, Browne said.

Two innocent bystanders were hit by rounds from the cops’ guns, while another seven passers-by were grazed or struck by bullet fragments that ricocheted off large flower pots along Fifth Avenue.

Cops later discovered that Johnson's pistol got jammed when a shell got lodged in its chamber.

“After he killed his victim it was inoperable,” a source said.

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  1. fuck police! why would anybody in the NYPD act so stupid? Hideous monsters! Can't respect them or even trust them anymore.