Monday, September 10, 2012

Teen jailed because of lying cop

A police officer said a teen assaulted him and the teen spent four months in jail for something he never did and there's video evidence to prove it.

A police officer had 19-year old Ryan Dorm jailed for four months after an incident in February of this year in which he falsely claimed that he was assaulted by the teen outside of a gas station in Brentwood, Maryland.

Prince George County, Maryland police officer Donald Taylor said that Dorm, believed to be involved in an attempted robbery at the gas station, reached for the officer's weapon.
"After catching up to an aggressive youth who swung at him and began to flee, the youth reached for his gun, at which point he fired his gun at the youth in self defense,"

Taylor had claimed.

Video footage taken from the gas station February 3, but not released until Monday shows what actually happened was that Taylor chased down Dorm from behind and hit him in the head with his gun, which fired in Dorm’s face.
"I heard a shot and then felt a flash," Dorm told Fox 5. "I thought I was dead actually."

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