Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Officer kicks man in diabetic shock

A man in diabetic shock was pulled over by police who thought he was drunk and one officer kicked the man five times.
A Las Vegas police officer is being investigated by a federal grand jury after he kicked a man in diabetic shock five times in the head during a traffic stop, it was revealed today.

Henderson police sergeant Brett Seekatz was caught on dashboard camera beating Adam Greene after he was dragged from his car in the controversial 2010 incident.

In the video, Greene was stopped by officers who said they thought he was driving drunk. The diabetic was in fact suffering from severe hyperglycemia while on his way to work.

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  1. Im in Australia and was a victim of police assault. I committed no crime but was told by the officers all six of them that i was being taken to a hospital for a mental review. They forcefully grabbed me by my arms and took me outside to their police van and told me to get in. I was in pain the way they were holding me and physically could not step up into the van. One officer restraining my left arm snapped it abnormally i knew he did damage. They threw me in the van i am female and only about 5ft 2 inches tall. While i was in the van the officer started to laugh, my big mistake was i told him that i am going to make a complaint against him for use of excessive force. They transported me to the hospital. Once we arrived they ordered me to get out of the van but instead of taking me inside they held me in the car park and that is when the threats began, degrading comments to me etc this went on for over an hour. I began shaking my head at the officer because i was so astounded at what he was saying to me, he then ordered one of the other officers to
    restrain me which he did. He then took his baton out and pushed it hard into my spine, he said what are you not going to do? They kept this up for what seemed like a long time because i could no longer stand the pain i conceded and said i would not make any complaints against them. More threats followed like what would you do if the police broke into your house in the middle of the night etc. They the police are assholes. when i went to the doctor and had scans done my tendon was torn from the bone along with other tears to the tendon and a torn ligament it took 11 months for my arm to get better. But the worst thing that i will never get over is the psychological damage from that night. After that night and reading stories from other victims, i have no trust or respect for cops......