Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Middle school cop beats teen with baton and pepper sprays younger girls

Well in Baltimore, Maryland, at a Vanguard Middle School, a 13-year old girl received ten stitches in her head and was pepper sprayed along with two other young girls by a police officer at that school. Watch the video below.

Baltimore, Maryland – This week, a 13-year-old girl received 10 stitches in her head after she was attacked by police at Vanguard Middle School in Baltimore. The entire incident was caught on video and shows the school police officer yelling at the small child for apparently no reason.

When the child, who was later identified as Starr, tries to go about her own business and walk past the officer, the officer freaks out and grabs the child by the arm, throwing her against the wall.


When Star attempted to free herself, the officer grabbed the child by the hair and began fighting with her.

At that point, Starr’s cousin Diamond witnessed the altercation but did not realize that it was an officer involved. When she attempted to rescue her young cousin from the attack, the rabid officer turned on her and pulled out a Baton, striking the girl in face. Diamond had her back against the wall and her hands up in the air when she was hit with the baton.

There was reportedly another unnamed girl involved in the scuffle, and it was later reported that the officer used pepper spray on all three of the girls. The school did not inform the family of the attack, but they had to learn about the situation later from paramedics when the girls were hospitalized.


Initially the school and the officer attempted to lie about the incident, saying that the officer was punched, kicked and scratched in the face. The girls were initially charged with assault, but the charges were soon dropped after prosecutors reviewed the tape and saw that the officer’s story was false. However, although the charges were dropped, the girls have still been suspended from school, and the officer’s name will not be released to the public. Source:

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